Human, not heroes.

As part of their response to the coronavirus pandemic, Ghana’s AE team will be providing food parcels to impoverished community members. The team has also chosen to reach out to another vulnerable group at this time: healthcare workers. Across the world, healthcare workers are risking their lives, and the lives of their family members, to continue to provide care in the face of COVID-19. In this broken world, healthcare workers are subject not only to physical illness, but also to the depths of mental anguish found within the human experience.

In a nation like Ghana, the challenges seem insurmountable. Annual healthcare spending is a mere $ 67 per capita in Ghana, compared to $ 5,332 in Australia (World Bank). With a healthcare system that falls short of meeting the basic needs of its citizens, Ghana is utterly ill-prepared for this pandemic, and its frontline healthcare staff absolutely vulnerable.

The team of AE Ghana, under the leadership of Bernard Sachie, will be donating medical supplies to the Kasoa Polyclinic, near Accra. The supplies, approved by Ghana’s Food and Drug Authority, will include gloves, liquid soap, face masks, alcohol-based sanitizer and disinfectant.

The team members who are authorised to deliver the supplies, will utilise their opportunity to encourage the clinic’s healthcare staff with the eternal hope found in Christ alone.

Health care workers, who serve to bring healing to this world, are heroic indeed. But they are not heroes. They are humans who desperately need our prayers and support, now more than ever.

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